Still wondering if we can help you? Have a look at some of the things people have said about Hannah’s work:

Hannah has been very supportive and very helpful in the months after completing my degree. Not knowing quite what I wanted to do after university, she helped me focus my career choices down. She offered some very nuanced and effective advice on how to best write my applications, and gave me an action plan which helped structure my job search. She reviewed my applications and gave specific advice tailored to the job descriptions. In addition, her industry knowledge is excellent and I am sure that she would be able to offer a high level of tailored advice for a number of industries/sectors. Hannah is a great motivator and a great adviser, and I highly recommend her.

Robert, accountant

Hannah gave me practical action plans which i found really reassuring, detailing how to deal with recruiters, where to search for jobs and network, focus on my skills and improve my CV. Right at the beginning when I didn’t have a clue what i wanted to do Hannah made me focus on key criteria that was important for me in a job. I had been searching for a year and suddenly when there was a flurry of job offers, she really gave me the confidence not to take the first one that was offered. I highly recommend Hannah for her practical and honest approach.

Nilanthi, finance and operations professional

Hannah gave me the motivation, tools and wise counsel to reflect purposefully on my career direction. After suffering a personal tragedy her sensitive, professional and genial approach was just the tonic I needed to get me back on track. I will be forever in her debt and cannot speak highly enough of her expert advice.

Peter, teacher

I approached Hannah after a frustrating period in my career change. After agreeing my aims, Hannah provided an expert listening ear and much needed practical advice. Her feedback was constructive and supportive, offering clear objective advice, which allowed me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. With my confidence rebooted, I now feel my ultimate goal is achievable. Hannah comes thoroughly recommended.

Nick, career changer

I have been freelancing since being made redundant four years ago, but had recently decided I wanted to get a permanent job again. I have been stuck, lost and confused about my career direction. Working with Hannah has given me perspective and reminded me of the skills and experience I do have, and how to channel them. She also helped me to work through some key blocks which were holding me back from the right job strategy. I highly recommend her for her professional and empathetic approach.

Rachael, independent consultant

I would thoroughly recommend Hannah as a Careers Consultant. She has helped me so much in my search for roles in the Education sector and I can’t thank her enough for sharing with me her vast knowledge, her time, her honest feedback and constructive criticism.

Hannah has a heart that really cares about the people she helps with their careers. She helped me with my job application and gave me a mock interview which was very rigorous and thorough. It really made me think differently about how best to handle the interview and gave me amazing ideas to use and great feedback which helped my confidence no end.

I can’t thank Hannah enough for her time, and fitting me in around her current commitments I got a lot out of it including regaining my confidence, and feel like a changed person because of her, which I can’t thank her enough for. I would definitely recommend Hannah as a Careers Consultant to my friends and also would recommend her to anyone who needs advice and support in the application and interview process.

Emma, PA/Administrator

Hannah offers the whole spectrum of careers and job hunting advice – everything from starting from scratch, blue-sky thinking through real life strategic direction to the pen to paper practicalities of making a successful application and interview.

I particularly appreciated Hannah’s pragmatic approach which seeks to draw out the things that really matter to you in your search which puts the applicant firmly in the driving seat when deciding which jobs to apply for and which to not waste time on. The quality over quantity approach really worked for me.

I heartily recommend Hannah Morton-Hedges wherever you are in your career.

Rachel, marketing professional

Hannah Morton-Hedges is an astute and observant careers adviser. Her advice and tailored action plan was illuminating, motivating and practical. I’m very pleased to say that my visit to see her inspired me to take positive steps towards improving my work-life balance, to recognise and embrace the aspects of my job that I enjoyed more than others, and consequently to found my own product management consultancy company.

If your career has wandered off track and you need someone with whom you can talk it through and diagnose where it can be improved, I would heartily recommend Hannah and Momentum Careers Advice.

Jock, senior product manager

It’s always a pleasure to work with an expert in their field. Hannah employs great listening skills to develop a keen understanding of what you need to do to take the next step forward in your career.

Matt Ball, Editor-in-Chief, MSN UK

Hannah’s personal statement review was detailed and exceptionally helpful, with very clear and specific suggestions. Her experience and knowledge mean that she can pinpoint particular areas to highlight or downplay, making her advice even more valuable. Highly recommended!

Clare, trainer, writer and thoughtful Auntie!

Hannah really helped me think in a constructive realistic manner about possible future career choices open to me. Her down to earth and friendly approach gave me the confidence to start thinking about my long- term options rather than delaying making decisions until a future date and Hannah showed me avenues that I otherwise certainly would not have thought of.

Erica, Armed Forces musician

Hannah’s professional approach has helped me to gain a fresh and clear perspective on my working life to date. Hannah has helped me to consider how I can consolidate my skills, talents and experiences, and match those to potential career paths.

Hannah’s encouragement and listening skills have given me a new awareness of my past work experiences so that I now feel able to move forward with confidence. I highly recommend her careers guidance.

Marisa, teacher

Meeting with Hannah was a great benefit to me when I was considering my future career path. I had reached a point in my career at which I was not sure where to go next, and Hannah worked me through a structured approach of looking at the alternatives, assessing which would suit my personality and lifestyle, and considering the pros and cons of the options. Having these conversations with a completely independent party, was really valuable and gave me confidence in my choices and aims for the future.

Rachelle, marketing professional

Hannah worked with me from the onset to prepare for my medical school interviews. Her expertise and extensive knowledge allowed her to pinpoint areas that needed development, from adjusting my mannerisms and improving my delivery of information in a natural, fluid, and succinct prose, through to circumstantial techniques, such as the ability to summarise a relevant article after only a short read through.

Hannah is always very approachable, friendly, and understanding of the emotional and physical stresses that a high pressure situation such as this imposes upon the individual. This, coupled with a consistently high standard of professionalism, left me very well prepared for the challenge; just one week after my interview I was made an offer of a place, and I will be forever grateful to Hannah for all of her support and input. I say again, Hannah, thank you.

Ed, 1st year medical student

Hannah helped me tremendously in my search for employment after being a stay at home mum. It’s been 10 years since I looked for work and, suffice to say, the job market has changed somewhat! I had no idea that getting part time office work could be so difficult but she helped me polish my CV so that it was eye catching and relevant, and also taught me to decipher job descriptions so that the applications I were submitting presented a strong case for me being the ideal candidate. Once I started getting interviews Hannah again was there with invaluable advice and it gave me the confidence to believe I could do it. I’m happy to say I was quickly offered a job! I’m positive without her help I’d still be looking. I can’t recommend her services enough.

Julia, returning mum

Whether your aim is to revitalise your career, change direction, return to one you had before or desire to breakthrough into a totally new area, Hannah has skills and the full tool kit to help you unlock your potential.

Through collaborate agenda setting, listening and motivating, and an extensive knowledge of the education system and the labour market, Hannah has helped hundreds of students and adults, from all walks of life with all sorts of experiences, take positive steps towards achieving their career ambitions. She’s great at what she does, and like a good wine, gets better every year. I know where I’ll be going for Careers Advice when I need it.

Jan Orlebar, fellow careers professional

Hannah worked for Lambeth College as a Career Adviser for a number of years, five of which I have managed the Careers Service. During that period Hannah has demonstrated a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to serving the needs of the student population at the College. Hannah is a reliable and qualified careers professional who is dedicated to ensuring that her skills, knowledge and expertise in careers information, advice and guidance is current, accurate and tailored to meet the needs of her clientele. Hannah’s strengths are that she is self motivated, shows initiative and is determined to see tasks through to completion, which impacts positively on the development of the Careers Service and ultimately the success of students.