Psychometric Assessments

Taking a detailed psychometric assessment can be a fantastic option if you have reached a careers crossroad, or if you are a young person trying to map out your future and determined to get it right first time. At Momentum Careers Advice we use The Morrisby Profile which has been developed and refined over a period of 30 years in order to provide optimum customer satisfaction. Hannah is qualified to administer the test and provide personalised feedback.

The Morrisby Profile is an integrated set of twelve paper and pencil tests which assess aptitude and work based personality, providing you with a detailed 20 page report on your abilities and the sort of work setting that would suit you best. It will also generate a list of suggested career options based upon your abilities and interests. It is appropriate for users aged 15 years to adult.

The assessments are not like exams, so there is no pass or fail and no trick questions. Each of the 12 measures gives an individual score which is then presented as a profile. The shape of this profile is based upon the relationship of these scores with each other, thus the Morrisby Profile is vastly more sophisticated than the type of Q&A personality assessments that are often found free on the internet.

The test can be taken from our St Albans office and takes a little over 3 hours to complete. The report generally takes about a week to process but we can advise of current time scales at the time of booking. The price of this package INCLUDES a personalised feedback session of about 60 minutes, to be taken at a later date when the report is through. (This can be done either face to face, or via Skype).

As a quicker and more affordable alternative to the Morrisby Profile, Momentum Careers Advice now also offers the new Morrisby Online testing package. In this instance, testing covers 5 skills areas and can be done remotely and at the convinience of the candidate.