Career Changers

At Momentum Careers Advice, we understand that the need for impartial careers guidance does not stop at school, hence why a large percentage of our client group are experienced professionals. But whilst we are lucky to live in an age where career change is increasingly accepted, we appreciate that that doesn’t make it easy. It is common to be anxious about the prospect of starting out in a new industry, and it can be incredibly helpful to seek professional and impartial support to aid both your decision making, and the process of transition itself.

Women Returners

As a mum to two young children, Hannah’s own experiences and social networks have led her to witness, at first and second hand, the difficulties of juggling motherhood (or indeed, fatherhood) and career.

Sadly, many people realise that their previous careers are not compatible with the challenges and demands of parenthood and may be forced to consider alternatives. Whilst to others, time out of the job market gives them the perfect opportunity to reflect on their career ambitions and to use it as an opportunity to start afresh in a new direction.

Additionally, it is commonplace to feel a loss of professional confidence after spending time out of the job market and you may find it useful to seek support with the practicalities of a successful job search.

Momentum Careers Advice offers a number of services which may benefit your circumstances. These include the following: