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Need help with your UCAS application? This is what I can do....

University of Gloucestershire

At this time of year, understandably, I receive an influx in requests for UCAS support. This brief blog post should explain the 3 main ways I can help applicants:

Free resources on my blog

Over the last 14+ years I have helped hundreds of students with their university applications. A lot of my experience is passed on through blog posts on my website (you may find it best to use the tag UCAS although there is plenty other broader careers related stuff that may also be helpful to you). Use this information as your starting point - there is a lot of useful information that can be gleaned from having a good look arou## Careers Consultation

If you have read through my blog posts but still need support, my regular consultation service (see here) can be used as an opportunity to discuss your UCAS choices and options. With most universities now charging £9,250 per year it is more essential than ever that students are making the right choices that are providing them with value for money and optimising their chances for the future. Perhaps you are a student (or parent of a student) who is unsure which course is best for you, or which university would be the right choice? Perhaps you are still deciding whether university is right for you at all, and what to discuss both university and alternative options. All of these situations, and many more, would benefit from a dedicated one hour chat with someone who knows the system and who understands, a few years further down the line, what employers want to see. Whilst I am based in Hertfordshire, many clients work with me through Skype so location need not be an issue.

Personal Statement Review

Of course, there will be those of you who know what and where you want to study but want to make sure your application is as good as it possibly can be. Competition for places can be fierce and it is often not enough ‘just’ to be a good student. Your personal statement will be hugely influential in your university applications and it is important that yours is as good as it possibly can be, drawing out both your strengths, experiences and your motivations and presenting it in an interesting and engaging way. A personal statement review will help you do just this by looking at your existing personal statement and suggesting ways to change it or develop it further. (However, for those of you who are struggling to understand the required content of your personal statement, you may find a careers consultation works better for you. The review service - which is done entirely by email - works best for those who have completed a draft statement to a decent standard).

For more information on any of the above, or to book a service, please contact me at hannah@momentumcareersadvice.com