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CV writing - the craft to creating a winning Personal Profile

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Personal Profile. Personal Statement. Career Profile. Whatever you want to call them, you know what we are talking about here - that short opening paragraph at the beginning of your CV that aims to draw in the reader and encourage them to read on further. Over the years they have had their lovers and their haters, but I believe that recent trends have been working in their favour. It is rare for me these days to see a CV that doesn’t include one and, if it doesn’t, I usually recommend that one is created.

And yet they really can be ‘make or break’ when it comes to CVs. Think about it - research shows that recruiters spend as little as 5-10 seconds on a CV before making the first decision as to whether to bin, or read on. That 5-10 seconds leaves little more time for anything but the Personal Profile, so it is essential that it grabs attention in the right way. Think of it as the ‘Elevator Pitch’ of the CV world.

So, a quick list of Dos and Don’ts to help you create the perfect Personal Profile:



Job-seekers: take an objective look at your CV now. Does your current profile (if you have one) market you to the best that it can? Does it represent the uniqueness of your career to date whilst flagging up your major strengths? If not, then take heed from the advice I’ve given above, set some time aside to work on it and now see what you can come up with. It really can make all the difference to your job hunt. Good luck!