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5 Key Messages from UCAS - 5) Use resources

FINALLY I bring you the fifth message from UCAS - somewhat delayed (with apologies) due to half term week. UCAS chose to use their final message to stress the usefulness of resources at hand. The UCAS website (www.ucas.com) should be central to everyone’s research. If you are not familiar with it already (and parents - this includes you also) then become so now. UCAS have left very few stones unturned. New features seem to be appearing all the time - the introduction, for example, of their video guides has been a useful advancement, answering some of the key questions students may have about the application process.

I’ve mentioned previously the news about the development of their new ‘Course Finder’ function. Keep your eyes peeled for this as it will be introduced sometime during this application cycle. It is a more intelligent search engine than the old ‘Course Search’ and should make it easier for all future applicants to identify their optimal courses based on a whole range of criteria including the new fee costs. So, great resources are out there which should enhance applicant’s chances of finding suitable courses and making strong applications. Make sure you are helping yourself as much as possible by being familiar with these resources.