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5 Key Messages from UCAS - 4) Be accurate in your information

Every year UCAS deals with thousands of applications in which information has been input incorrectly. Without a doubt, the area this most often occurs in is the ‘Qualifications’ section of ‘Apply’. These problems can be easily overcome if students were to take time to read through the advice given on the UCAS website about entering qualifications. Here is where you can find it. They’ve even created a Youtube video on the same subject, so there really are no excuses to get it wrong!

And it is with good reason that UCAS are concerned about these inaccuracies. In essence, a qualification entered incorrectly may well be the difference between you being made an offer or not. Similarly, if you forget to enter all your qualifications then an Admissions Tutor may, understandably, assume that you don’t have that qualification. So speak to your universities before you fill in your Apply form. Make sure you are aware of ALL the qualifications they are asking for (and don’t forget that this may not be just about AS/A2s but there may also be some grade specific GCSEs that they also need to see). And make sure they are all listed, and listed correctly.