5 Key Messages from UCAS - 3) Don't wait until deadlines are close

My own personal favourite! Regulars to my blog, and those that have worked with me over the years, will know just how strongly I feel about the need for timely applications. I’ve written about this in detail before, so rather than repeat myself, I’ll let you read all about it here. But it is always good to hear UCAS back up the same message.

It is worth pointing out, however, that this need for early applications really only applies to 15th< January deadline applicants. They did stress that Admissions Tutors related to the 15th< October deadlines generally wait until the date has passed before they start reading applications, so no need to rush ahead here. But, in both cases, always remember that once your application is complete, your reference still needs to be added before they are sent through to UCAS. So please don’t leave it until the day before.