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5 Key Messages from UCAS - 1) Actually do your research

Picking your university and course is a huge decision so warrants huge amounts of research time, right? Well, according to UCAS there are thousands of students every year who are falling at this first hurdle. Not only are we talking about students who appear, on their application, to know very little about what courses involve but we are talking about large numbers of students who apply for courses despite not having the correct entry requirements. Remember - it’s not just about A2 grade predictions. Students in their droves are applying for courses without having the A level subject requirements or even specific grades requested in certain subjects at GCSE level.

Please, do your research. Don’t make assumptions about what a course involves from its title alone. Read the website or the prospectus for more detailed information. Pick up the phone and speak to the admissions staff (something that not nearly enough students do). You can double check entry requirements with them whilst also finding out a little extra about what they like to see in an application. Take time to find out about the university itself. Is it what you are looking for in terms of location/learning environment/facilities etc. You have only 5 choices. Use them wisely.