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10 21st Century Careers

We hear the news stories every day - manufacturing is on the decline, high street shops are closing down to be replaced by online retailers - so what are the careers you should be looking at if you want to stay ahead of the changing job market and ensure that your career isn’t over before it’s started? Here’s a list of some of the new and emerging careers that were unheard of (or certainly little known) 10 years ago:

1) Social Media Manager

Do you know your twitter from your digg from your linkedin? Recent research has suggested that up to 69% of British businesses are likely to be appointing Social Media Managers this year.

2) Genetic Counsellor

Genetic advancements are happening at such a rapid rate that it is predicted there will be a growing need for those who wish to combine a love for science with a desire to educate and support people.

3) Organic Food Farmer

Organic food currently occupies about 10 percent of the food and beverage market - and it’s only going to increase. As a result, more organic farmers will be needed to improve techniques and grow the food.

4) Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security is a growing industry. Knowledgeable professionals who can protect website and expose hackers will be a hot commodity in the coming years.

5) Mobile Phone App Developer

With the developments of smart phones the mobile media industry is booming. Developers are in demand to help develop applications, in addition to combating sucurtiy and compatibility issues.

6) Stem Cell Researcher

Whilst still controversial, stem cell research is gaining ground. If this continues, more researching will be needed to develop cures for diseases and genetic enhancements.

7) Environment Economist

Specialists will be in demand to measure the benefits and potential drawbacks of renewable energy and other environmental alternatives.

8 ) Biofuels Product Development Manager

Driven by factors such as rising oil prices and concern over greenhouse gas, professionals will be needed who can plan, execute and evaluate alternative biofuel and biodiesel technologies.

9) Simulation Engineer

There’s a simulator for nearly everything these days, from surgery, to flying , to testing the effects of drink driving. As more emerge, so will the need for specialist engineers.

And if all else fails:

10) Reality TV Star

An untapped talent or just pure fame hungry? But beware - longer term prospects may not be quite so good!.